Propaganda feat. Lee Green Redefine Cutter Lyrics

Excellent Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Don't Listen to Me
  • 2 Excellent
  • 3 Redefine Cutter
  • 4 Raise the Banner
  • 5 Excellent Analogy
  • 6 Conquer
  • 7 Precious Puritans
  • 8 Forgive Me for Asking
  • 9 I Ain't Got an Answer
  • 10 Warm Words
  • 11 Lofty
  • 12 Be Present (live at Catalyst Atlanta 2011)
  • [Intro]
    73rd and San Pedro
    Uncle Sunny and Odell
    Take your pick on what killed ya
    Bullets, Cancer, or Jail
    Huh, what a life

    [Verse 1: Propaganda]
    I came out a town in gangs
    And a gang of grace
    Cuz fo' sho' sin abounds and round these parts
    Crowns is made of tin foil
    And them boys play Halo with real guns
    Lay low
    Right there I fling slang
    That twice born rhetoric
    Our Papi pound the ground
    And out came all humanity
    Write heavy handed
    Sharpie ink laced with mercury
    Magnetic raps to draw out all impurities
    Round the time the good Lord took Mamma Winnie
    The light bulb turned on
    This world ain't my home
    I huddled up to Triage
    With curb servers and griots
    That’s such an L.A. reference
    All good if you don’t get it
    But for those who would listen
    I break you out your radio prison
    Redefine manhood, blackness, and time
    Shape and define culture
    Let me fashion you some shades
    Introduce you to a trend that transcends the will of men

    [Hook: Lee Green]
    I ain't a product
    I ain't apologizing
    You ain't a number
    Pay no mind them
    Ring the alarm
    We came to redefine cutter
    Carve truth in his heart
    And love on her arms

    [Verse 2: Propoganda]
    Hey, I’m literate in graffiti
    I am not at all kidding
    From the heart of the city
    That Stevie lived just enough for
    Jackson, Mississippi: My people toiled the soil
    And sharecroppers popped coppers, got they kin lynched in
    That was the lynchpin of the mass migration into Texas
    Rest of us would push west still
    Manifest destiny
    A black American family
    Wanted better for they kids
    And landed in Southern Cali
    Who knew it was a war zone, my uncles got recruited in
    Sean and Qiana seen death out in Compton
    But they ain't fall victim
    Cousin Brandon either
    We should have framed the tax return and moved us to Covina
    There I met the mic and spray can instead of blue rags
    And fell in love with flairs and entiendo Spanglish
    Stand on my own and rep the Son of Man
    And brand my own chest so I would never blend in


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