Mae Reflections Lyrics

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Tonight I dreamt we found a fair of wonders
Where the future and the past cannot contain
We were greeted by a spell that took us under
And laid down in a field that revelades

To meet you in this dream we share I believed a perfect pair
Oh but I was wrong
This fair comes with a price because tonight I'll wake up twice and
Both times find you gone

Is all we have and when it's over
Of the path that sends us searching over and over again

Too quick to fall asleep again to find you
I'm rushing through a dream I can't control
This house of mirrors beckons us to walk through
But instead again I have to let you go

Stuck here in this stare revealed beyond the glare
Again you're gone
So throw a stone through these reflections scatter light in all directions
And sing this song


Where does the physical meet with the spiritual?
Is this the typical question?
But down below and up above
It looks the same so I'm not sure of anything
Where will love come from again?

[Chorus x2]

Written by: Charlie Daniels, William J. Digregorio, John Crain, James W. Marshall, Fred Edwards, Charles Fred Hayward
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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