Off Minor Remainder Lyrics

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in avoiding compliance you fell into mine your good intentions are set aside
build me up with promise broken down in time
I'd hoped for the ideal but it was redirected
through the new excuses the result is the same
an exercise in patience is rewarded with indifference
I haven't left my place no relief from this tired air
but I'm always the one to apolagize now I've surrendered my pride
and its left me feeling weak all signs say it's over and I have no control

Off Minor / I Am The Resurrection Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Problematic Courtship
  • 2 My Recovery
  • 3 Farewell Ne'er Do Well
  • 4 Willow Weep For Me
  • 5 Remainder
  • 6 Perfect Strangers
  • 7 Guages
  • 8 Spliced Film Smiles
  • 9 This New Broom Sweeps Clean
  • 10 Short, Fast And Oh So Stylish
  • 11 Came Home Pushed And Full Of Pins
  • 12 The New Apostles
  • 13 The Rise And Fall Of Cameron HodgeTotal Running Time: 27 Minutes
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