Ed Cash Remember Me Lyrics

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I was with you when you were a baby
I was with you when you were a child
I know how you feel at every moment
And I've let you walk into the wild
All you know I gave to you for free
I'm in everything you smell, touch, hear or see
If your lost I know the way please take my hand
And I will lead you to the sacred land
Remember me the anchor in your storm
Remember me a place to keep you warm
Remember me the cross upon the hill
Remember me I came to heal the ill
I feel for you in your times of trial
And I feel with you when your heart smiles
Please don't turn away in guilt or shame
When you do the things that don't speak of My Name
Because today I offer you My sweet forgiveness
A chance to take away the sinful scars
I would never want for you to live less
Than a king, a child of Mine, which is what you are
Remember me I lived two thousand years ago
Remember me I lived for you today
Remember me I sacrificed my life for you
That you might seek to live the only way
You are always on my mind
I want to give you all my time
I have come to fill you up with Life forever
To you I'm always kind
Please accept that you aren't blind
Stay with me and we will live together
Remember Me the music in your heart
Remember Me I've loved you from the start
Remember Me the only One that's true
Remember Me 'cause I remember you

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  • 7 Stability
  • 8 Remember Me
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