War Charge Repercussions (Feat Neal Keating of Frustration) Lyrics

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Don't take offense, but you ain't makin' no sense. Mind your business and you won't get put to the test. You are how you are, and that's fair enough, but we're all f*****' tired of this fad, stop acting tough (Be yourself)

You don't understand the repercussions of your actions. You're making a fool of yourselves with your contradictions. Where's the love, the brotherhood, the unity? Don't seclude yourselves, your mind, just set it free.
Take a f****** minute to gather your thoughts, don't make no rash decisions you'll wanna go back on. Just be yourself, you're not a clone. Just listen to us, get off your throne.
Wake the f*** up and open your eyes, I can see the real you and its shining through. I can see the real you, I can see through you.
Seen it all before and I'll see it again, It's people like you that turn this thing into a f****** trend, act tough when you can and smash the weaker ones. When the time comes who will be in your corner?
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