Dom Kennedy Represent (I Like That) Lyrics

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Where you at, J Poundz?

[Verse 1]
I had passed on this beat when I first heard it
Now its murdered, like the Ink
Irv Gotti never rode a Ducati
If you pull up on me
Do it fast make it sloppy
Told her both my parents black
But you could still call me papi

Ooh, I like that
Ooh, I like that
Yeah, I like that
Ooh, I like that

[Verse 2]
Ooh, this was always plan A
Let me know what you tryna B
I'm the one they tryna see
Give these girls all kind of D
Dope Dom and a dollar menu
I'll continue so the thousand walk up tickets in Diego switch the venue
Rest in peace Tony Gwynn, I just see the field different
Had to flood the whole bracelet, man this s___ just feel different
My brother Larry told me yes
He coming out to rep that West
Made it back to the hotel to wash my face and catch my breath
Another night at momma's shelter watching movies by myself
Or I could go downstairs, find a cutie and get some help
I be sagging on stage, d___, I should of just worn my belt
Tryna put them ice cubes on your leg and make it melt


Do your thing, girl
Go on represent
Go on represent
Go on, go on represent
Told her do your thing girl
Go on represent
Go on, go on represent
Go on represent

[Verse 3]
Her Instagram blocked, it's feeling like she not it
No matter what kind of car I'm in, I'm looking like the top pic
She told me, "lets go to the bridge Dom, I wanna watch this"
So, I drove to pick her up the other day, she wasn't ready
Walking up to her room, only us, not a sound
Wrapped in a green towel wiping lotion all around
I used the whole bottle messing with you, better know it
Lay down, I'll pour it
After that you better throw it


Go Ares, it's your birthday
All the Libra's, it's your birthday
Go Taurus, it's your birthday
All them Cancer's, It's your birthday
I said
Go Leo's, it's your birthday
All them Scorpios, it's your birthday
Go Pisces, it's your birthday
All them Virgo's, it's your birthday
Go Aquarius, it's your birthday
All the Gemini's, it's your birthday
Hey Sagittarius, it's your birthday
All the Capricorn, it's your birthday
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  • Written by: Dominic Hunn, Jason Pounds
    Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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