Earth Flight Restless Lyrics

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Summon the dead without a voice to smile
The red in your eyes! a tear!
Haven't you seen the bright light of a sunny day?
This moment of inner peace
All of these years! a long time since you've left alone
Haven't you asked him why?
Never a chance to hold your head up high
Near by the dust you lay
All about the lord
A downfall to your knees
Home again! they fear you
Let the children grow
Come and sing their lullaby
The last time for your god!
Blue Hour Confessions Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 By the Light of the Moon
  • 2 Noonday Demon
  • 3 Restless
  • 4 Deadheads - A Love Song?
  • 5 The Day That Was the Day
  • 6 Carnivale
  • 7 Tideland
  • 8 Other Side of the Rings
  • 9 Elliot
  • 10 The Organ
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