Above the Law Return of the Real Shit Lyrics

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Any man
Any man here that has something to say
You gonna get a chance to say it
We got people here they gonna listen to ya
And they are gonna take your demands
All the way up the line
Sit, sit, sit down, sit
Now you the niggas now
You white boys gonna find out what it feel like
To have the complexion for the connection
Only this time shit be flying in the right direction
I'd smoke ya ass right now
For while we negotiating
Sit down, we need ya ass
The department doesn't negotiate
Thats policy

Return of the real shit

Mic motherfucking check 1
Mic motherfucking check 2

Mic motherfucking check 1, check 1 check 2

[Verse 1 Cold 187um]
Now im the type a nigga sportin' dark loc's
Im the type a nigga that was raised around poor folks
Who didn't even really have a thing
Just kickin' back eating fried chicken and collard greens
From a time where every nigga was trippin'
Cuz either you was bloooding or either you was cripping
Whats up there over the rainbow
Every nigga wanna a rag-top 64'
With 4 dumps in the truck
12 batteries
With the monster humps
Turn it up it's like voo-doo
And this the type of shit you do a drive by to
Uhh, its time to go straight for the grill
Cuz to many motherfuckers tryin'a trip cuz of being real
Am sipping, am tipsy
Am certain to blast
So they can take their fucking comic/comet?
And shove it up they fucking ass
I got an afro for you fucking skinheads
Come in my way, ha, ya better holla mayday
Cuz am a motherfucking real nigga
So fuck adolf hitler
And yo motherfucking swastika
Am not muslim or a black brother
Just a crazy ass nigga
That'll kill you ass like cancer
I got a question i wanna ask you
Have you ever sold dope cause you had too, no
Or ever watched a junkie shoot up in ya alley
Or ever watched sally get pimped by her [?] daddy
I did, i told the cop i don't
But ya'll think [?] cuz you watch [?] on hbo
It's like a sucka yo, ya know ya holding
And mr rodgers in my neighborhood is a fucking pervert
Silly serving candy to the kids man
He doing 20 with a kick stand/ kid stan
So return of the motherfucking real shit
While you other motherfuckers play the bitch

If you come my way am gonna have to spray

[Verse 2 KM.G]
See in 9-flow
All we wear is levi's
Floss a thick white t-shirt
Hustlers put in work
Flame on
Im thinking bout a motherfucking come up move
Pimp hustlers with that ga-ga-gangster grove
Nigga can you fake
When i tell you that the click is mobbin'
Claiming shermite??
Ready for a gun fight
Bam there it is put that on my kids
Niggas don't give a fuck, they don't give a fuck
So now im kinda rowdy
And all the niggas that was down
I say howdy
Cause you on a list to get tested sound boy
Take ya last breath
Then I empty two
Then I took ya little stallion to my homie
Kaoss know the real
All my ho niggas know me
I'm a real G
O.G, O.G
Martini and rossi
Asti Spumante
I think i share it with my crew
Coco know's some ho's
"and the hills of malibu"
I would love to but i gotta make some ends
I see you round
Who come with you and 8 for the low down
So am G'ing
Cooling like am ski'ing
Pimp clinic gang
Rider don't flame?
Unit up
Rolling with the heater
Hoping shit get much deeper

If you come my way am gonna have to spray

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