Salem Hill Revenge Lyrics

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There is tragedy and stagnancy in day to day life
I endure it all for one goal:
To find you and make sure you pay for your deed
For the swerve at the curve and the nerve that it took to drive off

I've tracked you for years what a path I have seen
Collections of carnage you've left
The mothers and fathers and children you've hurt
With a swerve at the curve all the lives you've disturbed by your actions

Revenge is my food and vengeance my drink
I can't rest while you still exist
I breathe expectation and dream of your eyes
Like headlights they ever persist

I'm close to you now, your time is at hand
The moment I've wanted for years
My anticipation is both sweet and cold
For the swerve at the curve always fervently burns in my memory

The Robbery of Murder Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Overture
  • 2 Swerve
  • 3 When
  • 4 Someday
  • 5 Blame
  • 6 Dream
  • 7 Father and Son
  • 8 To the Hill
  • 9 Revenge
  • 10 Trigger
  • 11 Interlude
  • 12 Epilogue
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