Face of Evil Ridden With Satan Lyrics

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They gaze upon the dead's remains,
gather around the sacred stake
They hollow out the craniums
in vestige of the malignant eyes
Skeletons lie carbonized
scattered bones of the eternally d***ed
The liar's venom drips from the witchfinders unclean tongue
Mirada fija del otro Mundo
Ojos malvado los Nigromancio

Black souls will dance tonight
the hellborn sinners will return
holy trial, Belial's children
fettered to the accusation piles
Inquisitors of the redeeming cross
Pedophiles by the mercy of God
Sentences from above
the abominations must be destroyed
Witchhammer falls, grinds the bones into pulp
Crushed human skulls
Red glowing torch lacerates and torments
Burned human eyes
Cursed by a priest who molests the condemned
Reaped human souls
Raped by the executioner, slow and pounding
Sodomy without mercy
Rusty iron penetrates
Bloodsucking leeches feed
Amputated bodyparts
Tortured victims writhe in pain
Confessions bleed out
The repentant necromancers burn
Early evening smell of cremation
When the undertaker shrouds the coffin
Filled with blackened flesh
He swans his crucifix to chase all evil ghosts astray

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