Saidian Ride Like the Wind Lyrics

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Wind's howling, a storm's breaking loose
Lightning cracks the sky
Moonlight's shining, guiding my lonely ride

(A) long distance is lying behind
Long way left to go
Right direction, sometimes is hard to know

Still my wheels keep rolling on
All the way tonight
While the road is winding on

(I will)
Ride like the wind - on wings of freedom
Fly without sin - into a rising sun

Road's changing, becoming my life
Right before my eyes
Remains and changes - the turning of the tides

Still my faith keeps growing strong
All the way of life
While the fightings going on

Out of the ashes of a million broken dreams
One dream remains for all eternity
I will be one with all the world and with my mind
And 'till this destiny arrives

I will ride like the wind
I will fly without sin
Spread my wings reach the sun
For a golden dawn

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