Salem Hill Riding the Fence Lyrics

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We live our lives within the grey ambiguity
Never hold fast to one way such agility
This step is wrong this move is right
Making no choice and no sense
Too scared to move yet too proud to stand still
We’re fettered while riding the fence

Riding the fence
Safe in the arms of neutrality
Riding the fence
Never to show partiality
Riding the face
Running away from reality
Riding the fence becomes our best defense for our fears

We seek the safety of the swarm anonymity
Convenience cowardice conform such integrity
Like pacifist soldiers or blood-thirsty doves
Our lives are only pretense
Never concerned with just whose side we’re on
We’re carefree and riding the fence

And in a final shallow sigh pensive pondering
Nagging questions tacit cries winter wondering
Who were we to all the people we touched?
Did we make a difference?
And were we numbered with those who stood proud?
Or were we riding the fence?

Not Everybody's Gold Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Prelude
  • 2 Riding the Fence
  • 3 The Last Enemy
  • 4 January
  • 5 Let Loose the Arrow
  • 6 We Don't Know
  • 7 Sweet Hope Suite
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