Made Men Right Now Lyrics

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[Hook Part 1 - Mr. GZus]
When you want to get this loot (right now)
When you want a Benz coupe (right now)
When you thug *****s gon' shoot (right now, right now, right now)

[Hook Part 2 - Mr. GZus]
When you want to get these riches (right now)
When you want to **** these *****es (right now)
It's time to start killin snitches (right now, right now, right now)

[Verse 1 - Mr. GZus]
The six re-convicted felon drop gems
With the clique heat addiction, pop the first one flinchin
Takin playas out the game, and bench em, then we lynch em
Listenin to Henchmen to finish off the mission (get em)
All my soldiers into position
Son clinchin the coke with his finger itchin
Screamin why his *****s' snitchin
It's the suckas' way of ****in with my ones
You gonna play with guns, then I got em by the tons
Federal Reserve notes keep me at your throat
You can tell from the smell from the fire that I wrote
Don't test this infectious, cause GZus wreck ****
A tech smith, your last request, next ****, at your residence
Squeeze with no hesitance, stay forever bent - over dead presidents
Commit acts with no malice
Tryin to ball out, before my number call-out
Going all-out, can't wait to hear my *****s shout (shout it out)

[Hook - Part 1]

[Verse 2 - Antonio Twice Thou]
Twist the Philly up
*****, what's really up (wassup)
Feel me, throw ya nine-milli up (BOW!)
Guns - get the poppin, forever hip-hoppin
Hot ones clappin, make it happen, with a Mack 10
Wildin, off some liquor
Flee with the heat ***** (yeah)
Tote some weed ***** (yeah)
Slow your speed ***** (yeah)
Throw your hands up high
You a stand-up guy, that won't testify
Best have tried, to come bang with the Made
Compare that, to gun battlin with a switch blade
Hits blazed (hits blazed), shits played in the club
Get mix tape love, so you know it ain't a fake
Was bustin you next, like Russian roulette
You wet, and I don't fear nothin you rep

[Hook Part 2]

[Verse 3 - Benzino]
?Sissy, get lick off, shut off, bust off, hear off?
?Don't you want to take some?
?Don't you want to take some? (bust it)
Since when you didn't know I was a Made Man
Don't get caught up in my gang land
?D-techs? still be checkin on my resume'
Still I wet about four *****s anyway
Never worry about defeat cause I roll deep
[pause] Got you runnin down your own street
?So if you want to get some?
?? (Made Men)

[Hook - Part 1, Part 2]

[Modified Hook - Mr. GZus]
When you want to blaze it up (right now)
When you want dollar figgas (right now)
Tell me,
when you want to **** these *****s (right now, right now, right now)

[Hook - Part 2, Part 1, Part 2]
Classic Limited Edition Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Benzino's Thoughts (interlude)
  • 2 Just You and I
  • 3 Da Interview (interlude)
  • 4 Is It You? (Deja Vu)
  • 5 Vincent's Niteclub (interlude)
  • 6 Keep It Movin
  • 7 No Matter What
  • 8 Frank's Place 1 (interlude)
  • 9 Wise Guys for Life
  • 10 Classic Limited Edition
  • 11 Tommy's Theme
  • 12 Blowin Circles in the Wind
  • 13 Frank's Place 2 (interlude)
  • 14 Sticky Situation
  • 15 Is It You? (Deja Vu) (remix)
  • 16 Right Now
  • 17 Drama Still
  • 18 Must Be Love
  • 19 I Wanna Made Man
  • 20 3 Strip Killaz
  • 21 Snake Move (interlude)
  • 22 Not the One (That Bitch Is Done)
  • 23 Clockin C Notes
  • 24 15 Years In
  • 25 Cold Hearted

  • Written by: Floyd Nathaniel Hills, James David Washington, Keri Lynn Hilson, Timothy Z. Mosley

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