Earth, Wind & Fire Right Time Lyrics

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(Maurice White/Sheldon Reynolds/Paul Minor/Melanie Andrews)

I'll give you love, I'll open up
My heart to you, girl
Cause you're the one, I've waited for
Baby, all of my life... it's you baby

(I'm ready, I'm ready, baby, can't you see)
And this time, it's the right time, baby...for love
It's the right time, lady, to make you mine
And this time, it's the right time, baby
Oh, it's the right time, honey, to make you mine

I promise, girl, that I'll be there
Ain't goin no where, this time
Won't hesitate, cause love don't wait
For anyone, not, baby

There comes a time in every man's life
He opens his eyes and then he realizes true love
Baby, this time I'll give my all to you
Cause it's the right time for love
Can't you see that
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CD 1
  • 1 Keep It Real
  • 2 Right Time
  • 3 Fill U Up
  • 4 Avatar (Interlude)
  • 5 Cruising
  • 6 Revolution (Just Evolution)
  • 7 Round And Round
  • 8 Change Your Mind
  • 9 Love Is Life
  • 10 In The Name Of Love
  • 11 Take You To Heaven
  • 12 Rock It
  • 13 Bahia (Interlude)
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