Icarus The Owl Rinse and Start Over Lyrics

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It's everything to me
It's too bright to see
I don't want to brag
but I've opened up.

When we start to melt
a ray of the sun
beaming on your back
will tear you apart.

Wasted- our lives
Crumbling- in the sun.
Fall is coming to shed your skin
And rain upon us and wash away everything.

She's begging, 'take me on the run'
Disappearing into the sun
The clouds are churning and looking grim
to rain upon us and wash away everything.

I think you've done all you can for now
But every time you open your eyes it's gone.

Listen to your echoes in the dark
They are bouncing back at you-you're lost

This bitterness is thriving through the climate change and words imbued
Are we uninspired or growing old?
The light is gone and darkness grips a hold of your life and threatens it.
Can you overcome this and see again?

All it takes is being complacent
it gets worse in September. Much worse in September.
When all I see are lights and i'm shaking
It's much worse than expected. much worse then remembered.

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