Galderia Rising Soul Lyrics

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Fire and thunder are striking the ground
From the universe we can hear the sound
The power is rising to give us the force
To transcend all illusions around
Where is the glory? The spirit inside?
The ashes of decay are ripping mankind
Lost in agony we fall through the abyss
Of madness ruled by the blind

Flying up to the light, just to find
The way through the lies
Freedom is awaiting the choice from our heart
Calling out for the dream, the Universality's realm
Freedom and unity, from deep inside
And so I've learned to be one with myself
Body and soul, united my friend
The key to salvation is here in our hands
And I know that we'll rise at the end
I'll find the way to reach the sky
Another day will shine on earth

I try to reach for the stars
To never return again
Flying high, beyond the light
To find my own way through this pain
Rising again

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