Umphrey’s McGee Rocker Part 2 Lyrics

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Sooner over later is when I'd hoped to see you again,
The note that ended last time still rings in my head
Never was a way for me to offer any help,
When I looked for reference it wasn't on the shelf
All the while through every mile I could have spoken up,
Living here in retrospect it makes it tough
Finally forever seems to be too far away
Soon as I stopped reaching you'll forget my name

The closer that I look into the offerings we made,
Feeling more the orphan than your last mistake
Any reason given, had I listened, wouldn't say,
Enough to be any answer that I wouldn't take
Ultimately you could never be the only one,
Something sad about the fact what's done is done
Turning over everything there's nothing more to say,
Burning all the pages till the ashes blow away
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