Rich Boy feat. David Banner & Attitude Role Models Lyrics

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Parents should go out and play with their kids
Cause we ain't no damn role models

Right there in between Florida and Mississippi
Mobile Alabama this is Rich Boy city
And the bricks get flipped 'cause we close to the water
If ya ain't gettin' ya dope from me, ***** ya oughta
I ****ed the mayor's daughter, he hate it when I call her
But I'm still ridin' 'round in that Beamer that he bought her
*phone rings* There she go now
But I'm busy gettin' money on the other side of town
So I ain't a ****in' john I'll split yo' wig
And I ain't got **** to do wit' yo' kids
Look, Rich Boy quit, doin' hardcore ****
Lil' *****, **** school, cop five mo' bricks

I see you ballin', what's up
This is a **********in' stick up
(We'll take yo' **** and think nothin' about it
We'll take yo' **** and think nothin' about it)
I'll fall off at the club wit' the thang on my waist
Lay down the whole place
(We'll take yo' **** and think nothin' about it
We'll take yo' **** and think nothin' about it)

Let me welcome you to my world, Chevy's and dirt roads
Cheap liquor, pimp *****s that work hoes
Big trucks, *****s gettin' they swerve on
Country *****s ain't slow, **** what you heard homes
Get a Swisher, lit it, switchin' on some killa ****
Poke out'cha chest, ball up ya fist buddy ya still a *****
My *****s ignorant, foolish bunch of belligerants
We hit the V.I.P. pullin' *****es and spillin' ****
So if it seem like I'm buzzin' I'm sholliz
****in' wit' my country cousin and them, from Mobile
'Bama bred backwood *****s we so trill
Let the foot watch me and lil Rich gettin' in hoes' ears
What it is? Damn right, we ain't a role model
Half-pints to half a gallon, we drank the whole bottle
That's why them hoes holla, they know I'm 'bout a dollar
And they might, get to ride Impala, only if they swallow


I see the kids wanna rap like me
'Cause ya see me wit' the *****es livin' life on T.V.
Around in my hood, boys fillin' graves up
*****s talkin' that ****, see the techs raise up
Hangin' wit' the convicts and my boy Attitude
I was ****in' plenty *****es in the back of the school
Can't you tell ************ I was raised by the streets
**** you studio gangstas, *****s reppin' on beats
My uncle doin' fed down in Talladega *****
It ain't **** you can tell me about Lil' Rich
You better take ya lil' kids to the pastor
Rich Boy ain't a role model for them bastards

We ain't role models (we be smokin')
We ain't role models (we be drankin')
We ain't role models (we be ****in' these hoes)
We ain't role models

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