Radical Face Runs in the Sidewalk Lyrics

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The thieves are relentless,
Drop your cards,
And pay the price
Pay the price,
Pay the price.

The ___ is still demanding
So kill the lights,
And say goodnight,
Say goodnight,
And say goodnight,
Because the fog is rolling in.

The wheels are in motion,
So drop the dice,
And play your cards,
Play your cards.

Times are forgetfully,
No one knows,
Who you are,
Who you are.

Both feet on the ground,
But eyes on the prise,
Dear, dress for success,
Do you know the bends?
The kinks in the pipes,
Spell out disaster,
We're better off alone,
Turn it on its ear,
The knives in the walls,
The glitch in the lawsuits,
Scratch them off,
And ___ the timeline,
And hope never wins,
So tally up your sins,
Because the walls are caving in.

The rocks in the sidewalk,
Near the house,
Spell your name,
Spell your name.

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