Sage Francis STD (intro) Lyrics

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The sense was that something wrong with Paul

I just don't think "Francis" is a very good name for a guy. It sounds like a girl's name, you know

Change your name. Change your face. But I'll find you

Sage Francis (In the house, y'all)
(Throw a fist at this) Sage Francis
(Vocalist) Stop the presses
Sage Francis (bitch)
Check it out

Our sound is raw. Very raw. It's like, we say things that other emcees wish they could say and wanna say, scared to say, because the record companies won't let 'em say it. So, since I have my own record company, I can say whatever I want

No one is safe

Sick to D(eat)h Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 STD (intro)
  • 2 Gimme Dat
  • 3 Zero (demo)
  • 4 Blue
  • 5 Slow D(eat)h (demo)
  • 6 Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead to Me
  • 7 Viva La Vinyl
  • 8 You Can't Win
  • 9 Breaking 2bad
  • 10 Let 'Em Come Redux
  • 11 Dark Arts Abridged
  • 12 Rehab (demo)
  • 13 High Step (demo)
  • 14 The Pastor Sleeps Fine (interlude)
  • 15 Origin to Descent
  • 16 Tree of Knowledge (spoken word)
  • 17 There Is a Better Way
  • 18 Ubuntu (Water Into Wine)
  • 19 Don't Think vs. Rebel Yellow
  • 20 Baby Stays (live on BBC)
  • 21 I Don't Know (demo)
  • 22 Kid Profit Freestyle Outtakes (1994 Bedroom Cypher)
  • 23 Life is an STD (demo)
  • 24 Years (demo)
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