Babyland Safe Equals No Sound Lyrics

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Are you frightened by the sight of change?
You do the same things again and again.
Repetition has swallowed your drive.
How can you take something you hate and justify
living it everyday over and over?
Selling out your life as some kind of martyr.
Have you given all your hope a fair chance?
A life by default. A shift to the silent.
The safest side's been calling your name.
It wants to kill all resistance to same.
Downsize your dreams and keep you back in yesterday.
The biggest lies we say to ourselves like,
"Why go through all of the trouble and try
when the easiest way is to hide and keep quiet."
Why are you afraid of the noises you make?
Did all your progress run away with your needs?
You couldn't wait when results were delayed.
You had to act now. You had to betray it.
The one thing inside that kept you alive.
The one thing inside you could not deny
is lying in the filth on the ground.
Is this your success? Safe equals no sound.
I want to hear you make your noise.
I won't settle down.
Safe equals no sound.

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