Baby Lemonade Santanaclaus Lyrics

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I balance on the wire
Of uncertainty, i'm going nowhere
Standing on top of the
Dreams i've bled
Lift me out this hole
You made me stumble in
I'm flesh and blood
I don't wanna be here no more
But people change
I guess i dov let me ask you something about love...
Let me get this baby out my head, you know
I feel him growing
Killing me off now, it lives just for you
I made you out to be some kind of savior then
A childhood myth
Like black magic girls and santa claus
People change, i guess i do
But let me ask you something about love
Do you know what you're doing?
No... i just have a feeling
Is it woman's intuition?
No... i think it's just the caffeine
Are you sad cause you'll lose me?
No... i've got lots of friends now
Do you know what you've made me?
No... it's not my problem...

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