Hammercult Satanic Lust Lyrics

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Satanic l***
s**** from Hell
Suck my d***
Lick my b****
Light your soul on fire
Showing off her skin
l***ful and half naked
Thet b**** is made of sin
She don't need no boyfriend
Don't want to know your name
Wet and b****** hungry
Deep throat is her game
Dirty and ready
Naughty at heart
Not much of a lady
Man eating turned into art

Heading for the toilets
That lady's got some class
The b**** is f****** nasty
And takes it up the a**
You reach inside her b**** deep
And fill her mouth with d***
She wastes no c** on babies
And swallows everything
The bruning sensation arouses me
Rubbing my tool on her t***
Sucking my b**** like it's candy
Her piercing is reaping my d***

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