Half Hearted Hero Satori Lyrics

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Making my way from town to town
I catch myself looking around at the tress and the clouds
Making my way from day to day
I catch myself looking away from an outbound train
I know this world is cold, but the sunlight's warm
So I'll just sit in it and wait out the storm
I've got my ear up to the wall, so far I've heard nothing at all
But I know on the other side there's something they're trying to hide from me
Making my way through the crowd I stop myself
And look around at the faces looking down
Making my way, I make a name, but I'll stop and say
"It's all in vain; not even worth the strain."
I walk out into the sunlight, with the sky so blue and bright
I can't even open my eyes, but I've never felt more alive
I'll sit and a a word. I'll replay all that I've heard
I'll sit and I'll scream and smile
I swear there's nothing for miles

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CD 1
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  • 2 Satori
  • 3 Making Up Ain't Hard to Do
  • 4 My Other Car Is the NEXTbus
  • 5 Shredfest 2k7
  • 6 Home, Part I: Graduation Feels More Like Excommunicaton
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