Cacophony Savage Lyrics

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Here's a warning
I'm getting restless
Don't know how much i'll take
i'm a savage, raging fury
From my wrath you can't escape
I'm on the hunt
I'm hunting for you
You'll wish you'd never crossesd me
When I'm through
I'm on the rise
Stalking my prey
My burning eyes will never
let you get away

Savage, I'm a savage in the night
Savage, I'm a savage in the night

Get ready
For a challenge
But you don't stand a chance
I'm the winner, you're the loser
This is your final dance
Speed Metal Symphony Track Listing
Vinyl 1
  • 1 Savage
  • 2 Where My Fortune Lies
  • 3 The Ninja
  • 4 Concerto
  • 5 Burn the Ground
  • 6 Desert Island
  • 7 Speed Metal Symphony
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