+/- Scarecrow Lyrics

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Get that girl on the phone
If you think she's all alone
You're right this time
And every time

Get that surgeon on the line
The stitches fade away with time
The suture's closed
No one will ever know

She seemed so strong with no fears at all
How come no one ever gets through?

Scarecrow standing in a field
No one within miles to see
The distance grows
The fire goes cold

Now I'm gone
The moment's gone.
You Are Here Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Ventriloquist
  • 2 Surprise!
  • 3 Trapped Under Ice Floes (Redux)
  • 4 She's Got Your Eyes
  • 5 Summer Dress 1 (All Her Winter Clothes)
  • 6 Cutting Out
  • 7 Megalomaniac
  • 8 Scarecrow
  • 9 No One Sees You Like I Do
  • 10 Here We Are (Again)
  • 11 Everything I See Makes It Feel Wrong

  • Written by: John Stuart Newman
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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