Kandia Scars Lyrics

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I'm here to stay
Too many characters I haven't played
And when you thought I'd lost my way
I got myself back on my feet again
And you should know that I
See it in your eyes
I'm here to suffice... and this is more than I asked for
These scars upon my face? They prove I lived
And I left my pain behind myself deep in the dark
These scars inside my brain go deep within
And I know that I'm good but am I good enough for you?
It's me again
With all my baggage and the foolish blame
I know you thought I went astray
But I came back to win another game
I know you think that
you're mastering the ways to control my own will
I'm dragging myself and there's no second skin
I'm playing all the parts

Lift this burden off my arms
And take this pain away from me
'cause this is more than I asked for
All is Gone Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Caution
  • 2 New Breed
  • 3 Karma
  • 4 Scars
  • 5 All is Gone
  • 6 Our Final Day
  • 7 Deviant
  • 8 Noise
  • 9 Everything You Say
  • 10 Blow
  • 11 Done With You
  • 12 Bother
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