Cæcilie Norby Scheherazade Lyrics

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SCHEHERAZADE (N. Rimsky Korsakov/ C. Norby)

There's a tale Scheherazade doesn't tell
There is one secret story she is keeping to herself
In the thousands of words she has spoken
not one is revealing the truth
In the moonlight she opens her mind
There's a new blooming wonderland of fantasy to find
graceful hands will be dancing 'till sunrise,
fine lyrics illumining her eyes
She's the goddess of poems and tales
but she's not, if her bright imaginations once should fail
If her well should run empty,
her Muse dry out simply
at nine hundred ninety
She loses it all
Scheherazade feeds the Sultan's romance
A broken trance:
and her wise head will fall
She's a phoenix of fables and plays
But tonight she will have to prove it to her fiancé
She will make him imagine
he's Sultan Aladdin
and she is his Jasmine
Their love will go on
Scheherazade - freed the bright nightingale
Her final tale
counting 1001.....That´s the secret she keeps to herself.......
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