Backfire! Screaming for silence Lyrics

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There's no more room for you! But your will is my strength! Your need is my justice and i won't let them!

Another child disappears. Just another sign of how f___ed up this world is! 200 years after slavery, Children still get exploited, lead a life of misery. We live in a decade of terror and war, Where people rape and kill their very own offspring. Where prisoners get fed on mud, then get beaten to death. And this is why i'm screaming for.... SILENCE!!!! SILENCE!!!

Families who got torn apart and left for dead, When the soldiers burn their houses, Left there to die with no dignity. After the hunger drove them insane! One god better than another, Always the excuse for inflicting pain. For all the children that were forced to fight, Left with traumas that will always say! WE ARE SCREAMING FOR SILENCE!
We live in a world that is so f___ed up but we all turn our heads instead of making it stop! When they say they would forgive you, would you do the same? Would you stop digging holes for more graves without a name! 2x

.... And that's why i'm screaming for SILENCE!!!! SILENCE!!!
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