Swans Screen Shot Lyrics

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Love, child, reach, rise
Sight, blind, steal, light
Mind, scar, clear, fire
Clean, right, pure, kind
Sun, come, sky, tar
Mouth, sand, teeth, tongue
Cut, push, reach, inside
Feed, breathe, touch, come

No pain, no death, no fear, no hate
No time, no now, no suffering
No touch, no loss, no hand, no sense
No wound, no waste, no l___, no fear
No mind, no greed, no suffering
No thought, no hurt, no hands to reach
No knife, no words, no lie, no cure
No need, no hate, no will, no speech
No dream, no sleep, no suffering
No pain, no now, no time, no hear
No knife, no mind, no hand, no fear

Love! Now!
Breathe! Now!
Here! Now!
Here! Now!
Here! Now! Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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