The Elected See the Light Lyrics

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You loved too hard
You blew out your heart
And in the knees on which you pray
Gave out today

And you don't know why you did it
Seemed so easy at the time
Liquor into wine
And I think we must have died
I'm beginning to see the light

You spoke so loud
That you drowned me out
And the words I finally share
Caught you unprepared

Now I hope that you hold onto it
Vanish if it want to
Ships that pass in the night
And I don't want to fight
I'm beginning to see the light

That horizon comes and goes
But it won't let us close
Before it fades from sight
But if we go all night
Maybe we will see the light

And the hope that we hug on to
Vanished in a monsoon
Ship fell into the brine
And maybe you were right
We're never gonna see the light

At least we can say we tried...

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