Zeno Sent by Heaven Lyrics

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Turn your face to heaven
Close your eyes to see
Catch a cloud and travel
To where we're meant to be

Did you live for loving
Living your belief?
Have you been the being
That you were meant to be

Time will change - as fast as the wind
Turns a page - end is the same
As beginning for all is turning

Water grows a blossom
Summer comes and goes
Leaves turn into snowflakes
That makes the waters grow

Did you know your love
Came from above?
Did you know that your belief
Was nothing but relief -
Sent by Heaven...

Zeno Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Eastern Sun
  • 2 A Little More Love
  • 3 Love Will Live
  • 4 Signs on the Sky
  • 5 Far Away
  • 6 Emergency
  • 7 Don't Tell the Wind
  • 8 Heart on the Wing
  • 9 Circles of Dawn
  • 10 Sent by Heaven
  • 11 Sunset
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