Galderia Seven stars Lyrics

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I'm standing all alone
Under a sea of stars
A million from above that shining bright
My fate is calling me
From beyond the sea
Seven systems wait for me

The stars will shine to light my way
A million light years away
The force within the stars will guide my through the days
I will return again

Run through the stars
Find your destiny
Your time has come
So proud, fight for victory
We stand as one for all our dreams of unity
Light for our minds and truth for our liberty!

The fight is raging out
And my turn has come
From my galaxy I hear the call
The battle of the gods
The fire from the void
The saviour will come

Sun light! Sun light is calling! Calling for us now!
We all stand as one
One in our hearts! One in our souls
We all heard the call
Dreamer, the dream will live forever
We're heading for the saviour, he'll return one day
And through the stars true Love will rise
The unity found!

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