Bruce Hornsby Shadow Hand Lyrics

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In light of all I've learned so far
I don't believe I'm so strange
In spite of all this time I spend
Calling the air by a name

When the first light comes over the trees
He will be singing with me
And if I feel like singing alone
He always lets me be

I'm shaking my shadow hand
As the sun moves round the bend
With an imaginary man
And we'll make believe around and around again

There's a man walking around in the night
A lantern in his hand
Looking all around, searching in vain
For an honest man

In my little world of make-believe
I talk to myself or my friend
If real life comes tempting me
I'll go back in my room again


So nice to pretend, think I'll do it again
No cards to send, no torn heart to mend
A little imagination and then
A world of fantasy with my friends


Written by: Bruce Hornsby
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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