Kambrium Shattered Illusions Lyrics

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Am I aware of here and now
Can I see through the shadows
My skin, my eyes, my ears
Try to trick me

Nightmares had been set
Twisted in my head
I feel my life regained
Breaking all those chains
I managed to see clear
Struggling with my fear
I feel my hatred rise
Suppressing all these lies

I force my eyes to look into darkness
Force my will to see the truth
Brought myself to find out
My nightmares are not real

Rise, decay, forlorn
Shattered illusions
My ways turned out to be
Pestilent and tortuous
No trace to follow
Shattered illusions
I feel deaf and numb
So shattered and broken

A gruesome face in my dreams
Stared at me, didn't cease to be
Finally, so it seems
I wake up, once again am free

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