Halloween She's a Teazer Lyrics

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Blond hair, blue eye, her body was so nice
Her loving ways could fill my days
But her heart was cold as ice
She says she wants to love me
She said she wants me today
She said she wants to please me
But then she turns away, ´cause

She´s a teazer, a crowd please, and she knows what to do
But she´s a killer, a heart chiller
And she´ll be (killing/teasing) you!

Her body moves like a beauty queen
She´s got her act all tight
This little lady is the best I´ve seen
She´ll keep you up all night
Her fingers dance like rain on the trees
Her eyes like snakes in the grass
Her mind is working like a sneaky b____
And your fantasies won´t last




She´s a teaze

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