Gappy Ranks Shining Hope Lyrics

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Shining Hope
So many things we take from ..
The food we eat, the water we drink
The very airy breath
Look at the world we're living today
So much war

People dying, people crying
Is there any hope?
Is there any hope for the innocent children?
Is there any hope for the single ..?
Is there any hope for the hungry and the .., the poor, the blind, the death, the homeless?
Is there any hope for the orphans?
I guess there is
I am hope. I have a shining hope

If I never '
Na na na na'. na na na na na na hey

I tell them say
Mi ya .. is a shining hope
Try to tell me say ..
With me '
Love mi '
' love mi namiya..
I tell them say
I don't know where I '

.. I make it ..
Step it, if I break it .. I was so .. with the..
.. I said .. boy I'm so ..
The sky is 'bout the ..
And try me girl .. I've seen a lot of ..
For every day I riff

So when the time come
To spend my .. they come and see me

..and mama work out..
So you say'. Make sure
Is good to be good and discret ..

.. the money can't be .. make me use ..
No life in the fast ..
So I .. got me .. so far
Make it to use .. one day


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