Madchild Shit Talker Lyrics

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What the fuck I gotta do to get noticed man?
Start dissin' people?(Yeah, yo, yeah.)
The way I rap's a fucking crime of spitting felonies
White devil, tripping, spitting watermelon seeds

The fuck I gotta do to get noticed?
Start, I got to get shot ?
Maybe I should start, uh, dissing a bunch of famous rappers?
And umm...

I'm trying to tell my mom "please don't worry"
While I paint my face like a baseball fury
I was a California killer
But now I'm stuck in Canada so I'm a foreign thriller
So shut the fuck up
Shut your Venus fly trap
Sit back, relax, and listen to the meanest guy rap
I'm a bit awkward
Your boy back I'm a mother fucking shit talker
And please don't pay attention to my Tweets
All this social networking is giving me the creeps
I get a bunch of fucking messages from creeps
Half of them are geeks
The other half are freaks
I gotta f- a faulty alter ego
My personalities are multiple assaulting people

Fuck a Chorus
I'm a mother. Fucking. Shit. Talker

My personalities are multiple assaulting people
I got followers to follow like a cult that's evil
Fuck an upside-down cross
Fuck a swastika
I'm killin' it for massive pica down to Costa Rica
I still got pep in my step call me paprika
Old school, cocky
Watching hockey while I rock a beeper
I got a problem with the goblin
If he's an albacore
Cosmic Lord
Sitting on the toilet reading Rob Report
I'm an angel stained
Raise hell and drive angry
I'll make a rapper fall off like he got gangrene
Little gold horns
Pitchfork, and a demon's tail
Pumping semen in a screaming girl
Like she's a fiend in jail
Once I got her I don't need her
I'm a monster
So I'm drinking Monster like it's water by the liter
I'm yelling "Fuck everyone!" in my pink boxers
I'm still a fucking little cocky shit talker

Stupid dufus spitting mucus
Blabbering buffoon
Target marketing
I'm spitting arsenic at this baboon
I'll burn a rapper like an arsonist
I'll scarf him up then barf him up like he's a par-s-nip
AK-47s with extra cartridges
My family keep rolling deep like we're the Partridges
Yeah, Baby Rocky cracking ribs of carcasses
Cows. Wow. Ain't nobody harsh as this
My shit stick to your head like a thumbtack
Scum bag
Use my girl's shirt as a cum rag
I got my girl open like a wide receiver
Slap it like a beaver tail
White and Asian jungle fever
Yeah, Green eyed white devil
I got a problem with authority at every level
Now that I am back, trust me I will never settle
I'm so underground they had to use a shovel

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