Lacrimae Shiver Lyrics

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I see before me, the change for an
Underground magic
For a perfect color spell.
It seems to me that such a change.
It blows a shivery fine beauty,
That some art reveals itself
An art so divine
So diabolically divine
That it will drive me into a fruitless search
Through the ages.
And in the end...
I remember, that I'm already dead
Course to Arsoning Track Listing
  • 1 Cosmo Chaos Supremacy
  • 2 Uncaning Pleasures
  • 3 Black Angels
  • 4 Uncommon Sense of Divinity
  • 5 Shiver
  • 6 Anthems of Coronation
  • 7 Death Travels on Me
  • 8 The Inner Revelation
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