Raein Shout the Silence Lyrics

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Shout the silence of my pain
Unleash built up frustration
Dispel in the air anger and glee
So I can find myself pure and quivering
Alone and hopeless, victim of myself
Cry my silence, nothing more
Alone I cry, thinking about what could have happened
Fooling myself
I think I am the one who failed
Whisper my shout
Nothing more
The end

Raein Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Shout the Silence
  • 2 ... So We'll Be the Winners (Sure?)
  • 3 Straight to the Mirror
  • 4 Bright Key
  • 5 Chains
  • 6 Sad's Swings a.k.a. Deadly Kisses From Bleeding Lips
  • 7 Like a Batman Dressed Clerk
  • 8 The Monitor Told Me to Kill Her!
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