Vakill Sickplicity Lyrics

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I'm a harbinger of death with a flow otherworldly
Cancer cluster that wasn't discovered early
s___tin on you 'til your body covered thoroughly
My quotes c___block throats
'Til MC's unable to respond
Like I just told a homeless person a knock knock joke
Malicious; tattooed F.U.N. on my d___
For "f___ You n____z" while I poke fun at yo' b____
Leavin spitters missin vowels, s___ters disemboweled
The last one you clearly wouldn't doubt
n____z won't consider dissin now
f___ punchlines and metaphors; I settle wars
spittin darts 'til puncture wounds look like an extra set of pores
I'm morally sick and auspicious, all vicious
Quick to jaw b____es 'til they chin hit the ground like drawbridges
Potnah, yo' whole style Ichabod Crane
I'm leavin all you riders headless when I squeeze off these Sleepy Hollows
and pick apart brains, blow to smidgens
My s___ on point like infrared scopes strapped on the a__ of homing pigeons

"It ain't nothin.." "It's simple ain't it? But quite clever"
"I'm the sickest"
The Darkest Cloud Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 The Darkest Cloud
  • 3 The Creed
  • 4 Til the World Blows Up
  • 5 Sickplicity
  • 6 Dear Life
  • 7 Forbidden Scriptures
  • 8 American Gothic
  • 9 Forever
  • 10 Fallen
  • 11 Cry You a River
  • 12 Sweetest Way to Die
  • 13 The Crown Don't Move
  • 14 The Flyer
  • 15 End of Days
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