Ofermod Sisters of Rapture and Pestilence Lyrics

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Intoxicate, corrupt, putrefy
with your liscious saliva
my weak flesh
Let fever, pestilence and plague consume
My mortal bones
I suckle the infernal milk from your nipple, o' glorious Putänä
And won't bear Krsna fear but I will gorge on your poison
It is the alchemy of becoming which even gods fear
In demonic communion we share the fluid of eternity - hail to thee o' yätudhäni!

Eat of me, drink of me
You seven sisters of l*** and suffering
Drink of my s**** so that you may grow it in your wombs
And return it to me in divinity

I'll bear your disease o' Sitala and I'll see it erupt from my skin
As this is the cleansing of my karma
I won't suffer it but I'll burn it at your feet
Because I wander the path of a-dharma and I walk among corpses, skulls and ghosts
I kiss the b****** of your sisters and I caress their skin
They lead me through the mysteries of union, death and communion
I give them my blood and they drip theirs in my thirsty mouth
And my mortality dissolves as dust in the wind of eternity

Eat of me, drink of me
You seven sisters of sensuality and blood
Drink of my s**** and mold it in acausal s***e
And return it to me in divinity

In the depth of your black eyes I change my spirit
As Siva I'll be, and in the pride of my phallus I'll create anew
Through you I transform
My brides, my lovers, my mothers
In dark dreaming and in waking stare
In temples and among the pasu
I consecrate your name

Eat of me, drink of me
You seven sisters of death and creation
Drink of my s****, recreate it in your alchemical cave
And return it to me in divinity
Saptamätykäs, bringers of pleasure and pain
I hail you, my seven mothers
I hail you, my sixteen Yoginis
I hail you, self-beheaded one

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