Camberwell Now Sitcom Lyrics

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Remember watching the Royal Wedding together,
When we asked each other "What's it all for?
"What's the point when it's so safe and soft,
Double-locked and a well-scrubbed floor?"
Safe as houses, nice and clean,
Spotless, spick and span,
Gas central heating keeps us lovely and warm.

Preserve the faith at any cost,
Mark it down debit and credit.
We pledge ourselves to dead men's schemes,
Tired eyes bear witness to mindless obedience.
Christmas past, Christmas present,
From lever to coil to this age of push b***on.
Meanwhile Georgie Porgie pudding and pie
Kisses the girls and makes them cry.

Wait a minute, something's wrong,
This key won't unlock the door.
Here we sit - armchair theatre,
Flickering screen, silent prayer.
Hypnotised, vision distracted,
We disguise the tears in each other's eyes.

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