Skepta Skit Lyrics

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What's going on, Skepta? What's really going on?
I'm phoning you, you're not answering your phone
What's wrong with you, fam?
You're making commercial tunes, you're making it get to your head
You're making people call you Skepta, it's getting to your head, getting to your head, getting to your head
You're Junior to me, you know
I know the real you
You're Junior, fam
Fuck Skepta

Doin’ It Again Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Nobody Made Me
  • 2 Rescue Me
  • 3 Amnesia
  • 4 Bad Boy
  • 5 Skit
  • 6 Do It Like Me
  • 7 Thrown in the Bin
  • 8 Cross My Heart
  • 9 Big
  • 10 Taking Too Long
  • 11 All Over the House
  • 12 So Alive
  • 13 Hello Good Morning (grime remix)
  • 14 Doin’ It Again
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