Madchild feat. Demrick Slayer Lyrics

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Enter Death's waiting room, if you dare

[Hook: Demrick]
We ride where we come from
We get high where we come from
It's suicide, try to play dumb
Go against mine, you could die where we come from

[Verse 1: Madchild]
Welcome to the Terrordome
Silver Surfer, my exterior is mirrored chrome
Kill planets as I fly through the galaxy
And smash every fuckboy act that lives a fallacy
I'm exploding with vitality
Hard to find a capable compatible mentality
I found young De, that's my young G
Just as fearsome, lethal, equally as hungry
When I start snapping on a beat it gives you cold chills
White axe face tatted rapper wearing gold grills
Moved to the USA cause shit was killing me
High toxicity with zero visibility
I'm thinking how am I gonna make it I'm too complex
Waking up hallucinating, screaming with my palms wet
Then I realized they realized that I'm a bomb threat
New kid with the experience of Vietnam vets

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Demrick]
The way I'm feeling, just know I'm willing to die
For what I believe in, blow my smoke up in the sky
Living life like this, live for nights like this
Drink a 5th, smoke and sip, take a hit, that's my shit
Any bottle on the table, living so unstable
She got a body of an angel but that ain't no halo
All about the dollar, pound, euro, peso
Son a nigga like a cradle, shot's fatal, independent no payroll
Arrive like deliverance, this the wack rapper nemesis
Fuck your censorship we killing shit right on the premises
And my head up in the clouds, puffing loud, no access
You haters ain't allowed to come around, you past tense
Tune to the sounds and right now watch the crowd
Crowd around, inside a riot, get wild
And I came from the abyss with some kill to twist
Black and white mix, suck a dick
Who the fuck you fuckin' with bitch

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Madchild]
We on some ride or die shit, a mighty and majestic beast
The competition better exit or you'll rest in peace
Kill shows, all these other cats are extra goofy
Use my iPhone to make a porn after with sexy groupies
Fuck em two at a time until they're screaming
A green eyed, ink covered, three legged demon
My words are magical, they're dancing, jumping off the pages
And every word I blurt's a murderous engagement
I'm raging, this is oral choreography
We're climbing, steady new sensation, they're tobogganing
Fifteen minutes of fame, they fall so fast
That's cause we do it for the love before the cold cash
I'm not saying we don't want a little extra loot
But to our soldiers, we salute, and lyrically we execute
These fuckboys all chickenheads with ruffled feathers
We made it through the roughest weather, skin is tough as leather

[Hook x2]

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