Damnation A.D. Sleep Lyrics

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I am just an empty slate
Write on me what you will
I will accept everything
No questions asked, no answers given

Everyone seemed so perfect
But they all fell down

Go back to your utopia
My thoughts amending, always descending
You'll see things so much worse
Everytime you come back to my world

Why should you listen to me?
I looked into your eyes and for an instant
I thought I had died
Overwhelmed by all these things
I can do nothing about
Throw in the towel and sleep forever
Throw in the towel or continue to suffer

No More Dreams of Happy Endings Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Two Steps Down
  • 2 No More Dreams
  • 3 No Way Out
  • 4 A Better Tomorrow
  • 5 The Hangedman
  • 6 Funeral March
  • 7 In Memorium
  • 8 Sleep
  • 9 Eleven Thirty Four
  • 10 A Second Face
  • 11 Outro
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