Game Theory Sleeping Through Heaven Lyrics

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As I walk among my small regrets
From the valley of the shadow where do I get?
With all my intents and purpose, I'm looking for some level surface
I turn to you. I know this tension doesn't go away
But I will look it in the face today
See in color though they show me in gray
So I put my shoes on and pay my debts
And get hours ahead of all the tears I can forget
With my arm around your back
I will play the deck no matter how much it's stacked
And we could have some say in what we take as real
Grab this town like it was no big deal
But everyone's afraid to break the seal
So I drive home past the closed up stores and homes
That each look sadder than the one before
I want to go bang on every door
And say "Wake up, you're sleeping through heaven"
And I don't care who knows, I don't know who cares
If you don't want yours then let me have my share
I can turn my back on the younger man
Who thought he was breaking ground for some fatherland
With an eye toward toppling ten pins
Grew up so fast, it made his head spin
Picked lonely fights and showed an ugly face to all concerned
Stood up and took it on the chin by turns
In troubled waters as his bridges burned
I'm afraid of streets when lights are out
And I'm well aware that an up is a down
But for all these lessons I'm learning, I know I can't stop the yearning
I want you tonight. I guess that some would say my life's a mess
But you have let me show some great success
(Or maybe I'm too dumb to stay depressed)
Everyday I want it more
I used to be to glad to stay home being bored
I want to go bang on every door
And say "Wake up, you're sleeping through heaven!"

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