Jace Everett Slip Away Lyrics

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Come down with me
The water's just fine
All that you need
Needs leaving behind
So much to see
When you close your eyes

The turn of a phrase
Twist of the knife
Crush of the day
Can't feel it tonight
I know a way
To make it alright

Oh, slip away
Slip away

So take a deep breathe
And give it to me
Whatever's left
Is your secret to keep
Open the net
Let it drift out to sea

Oh, slip away
Slip away
oh, slip away
Slip away

*guitar solo*

Out of the blue
Into my heart
Don't light my way
Let me stay in the dark

Oh, slip away
Slip away
Oh, slip away
Slip away
Slip away

Out of my hands
Into your heart
Just let me fade
Away in the dark

Slip away
Slip away
Slip away


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