Salem Slow Death (live) Lyrics

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Sick people suffer from pain
There is no hope for them to live
The only wish for them is to die
The religious don''t respect their last wish
Sick people don''t have any hope to live
They die slowly with a lot of pain and agony

Slow death - pray to die
Slow death - let us die.
Respect our last wish
We can decide for ourselves

Every day, torture in their minds
How long will it take for them to die?
They want to stop the pain
But it''s not up to them
The religious are now in charge
The doctors say cut off the machine
The religious say it''s a sin

Now they are sitting and arguing,
Is it right to cut off the machine?
But they forget one thing -
What the sick people feel
The answer doesn''t come from religion
It comes from the sick people

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