Mac Lethal Smart Dumb Person Lyrics

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Get that devil off your shoulder, girl
Get that little devil off your shoulder
Get that, devil off your shoulder girl
I'm bout to show Kansas City to the whole wide world!

Seems as though I've lived my life on the bad side of the moon
To stir your dregs and sittin' still, without a rustic spoon

And it's like, Kansas City little baby that's where Mac's from
Fire sign lookin' like a maniac with black lungs
You crack thumbs if you try to press at all
I'm at the fetish ball kissin ladies with my cat tongue
I put cracks in your hourglass figure
When I tilt back a flask full of sour mash liquor
Whiskey and Percocet will give me dizzy spells
Andy and Gooney I'm sittin at the wishing well
I'm a vibrant a__hole, a violent angel
A smart dumb person, a rhinestone punk
A bedroom magician, a well-versed love
And six nights a week you know I drive home drunk
Cuz I spit, a hot dose of venom clippin wings
of all the c___s, crows and pigeons
So bitter that the snot froze within 'em
I hit 'em in the shock cloves and piston
And the engine you got close and walk home to get 'em

(Don't drink forty ounces of blood man, I already sold my soul)

And it's like, push the person that's next to ya
Push the person that's next to ya
Rhymesayers Entertainment and we takin' on the crowd
Name is Mac Lethal and I'm here to make my momma proud

My writing's part serious and part sarcastic
and it's genuine to let you know my heart's not plastic
I'm a tortured artist
I'm arduously vain
Put your hearts up y'all let's party til my pain
ladies frolic in the rain gettin' stains on their new pants
today we placin' Ronald Reagan's face on the food stamps
That's news man, you should call the Hyatt Regency
They'll tell you that I'm in a room with Selma Hayek feedin me
Brain food from the tree of knowledge
I eat peaches
But they just sugarcoat religious talk (Sweet Jesus!)
Can you perform witchcraft or real magic?
Naw love, I can't get past the pill cabinet
But I could do a get quick cash-and-bill tactic
f___ it man, I still skip track on Illmatic
I even gave Jessica Alba a fake number
My name is Mac Lethal, your mysterious lover
Good night.

Seems as though I've lived my life on the bad side of the moon
To stir your dregs and sittin' still, without a rustic spoon

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